XTRAC Treatment Benefits & Support

The XTRAC excimer laser treatment system offers psoriasis sufferers many benefits. Depending on the extent and severity of your psoriasis, these can include:

  • Noticeable improvement is usually seen within 3 or 4 treatments
  • Significant improvement—as few as 6 to 10 treatments
  • Clearance—in 10 to 20 treatments, depending on severity*
  • Provides long-lasting relief—usual remission is 4 – 6 months, sometimes much longer
  • Quick, easy, painless treatment—sessions last only a few minutes
  • Relief without messy creams and no concern about the side effects, some which are very serious related to the use of systemic medications or biologics
  • Reimbursement by All major insurance companies

*Recent survey among physician users

XTRAC Laser Therapy offers the best safety profile of any severe psoriasis treatment.

Because of the increased power and speed of XTRAC Lasers, many physicians are now recommending laser therapy ahead of biologics and other systemic treatment options due to the unparalleled safety profile for laser treatments. Unlike biologic therapy for the treatment of psoriasis, there are NO significant negative systemic side effects associated with XTRAC Therapy.

Disadvantages of Biologics

  • Risk of tuberculosis, other serious infections.*
  • Inconvenient weekly lab work and office visits for IM administration and cost.*
  • Possible congestive heart failure risk as well as demyelinating disorders, hepatotoxicity.*
  • Intravenous infusion.*
  • Risk of developing cancer.**
  • Ongoing blood tests and liver function test.**

* Wm Abromovitz, M.D., Biologics for Psoriasis Have Wide Variation in Price, Ease of Use, AAD Poster Session, Feb. 22, 2005 & News@Medscape.Net
** Guidelines of Care for the Management of Psoriasis, JAAD, 2008.

Important message to patients — Accept NO Substitutes, be certain to ask your dermatologist for XTRAC Laser treatments by name!

XTRAC Lasers are the Only Excimer Lasers that are:

  • Guaranteed to deliver prescribed doses within FDA regulations---for every patient, every treatment, every time!
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the most rigorous standards, and are safety certified by UL, ISO, ETL, and CE Mark.
  • Capable of treating mild, moderate, AND SEVERE psoriasis!
  • Published in a large number of peer-review clinical studies!


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